Market Status CLOSED Monday 17 June 2024

Organization Structure

The Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) was established in 1997 as a company limited by guarantee, and was licensed in 1998 by the Capital Markets Authority to operate as an approved securities exchange.  The Exchange is governed by a Board of Directors whose membership includes licensed broker/dealer firms, investment advisors, a representative of investors and a representative of issuers.

Efforts to demutualise the Uganda Securities Exchange have been underway since 2007. Following the passing of the Capital Markets Authority (Amendment) Act 2016 on 20 May 2016, demutualization became a regulatory requirement that had to be fulfilled by 20th May 2018. The Exchange was granted an approval to operate a demutualised stock exchange by the Capital Markets Authority on 30th August 2017. Demutualisation facilitates the creation of uniform corporate structures for the Exchange, reduces the incidence of conflict between the governing bodies and the management of the Exchange by seeking to separate trading rights from membership and enables the Exchange to be listed on the stock market.

Demutualisation has also opened up the directorship of the Exchange to parties, other than trading participants. These shall include listed entities and independent non executive directors.

The Exchange is a central place for trading of securities by licensed brokers/dealers. It provides a credible platform for raising of capital; through the issuance of appropriate debt, equity and other instruments to the investing public. In this way, the Exchange provides essential facilities for the private sector and government to raise money for business expansion and enables the public to own shares in companies listed on the Exchange.