Market Status CLOSED Monday 17 June 2024

USE Specialist Market

USE Edaala” is an unquoted securities platform that supports companies that may not yet be eligible to list on the Exchange’s public market segment, access capital for long term funding through private placements and restricted offers. This is made possible by connecting them to select providers of capital (professional investors) for both equity and debt funding.

The platform also facilitates private companies with numerous shareholders benefit from the efficiencies provided by the existing trading and depository platforms. Shareholders specifically, are able to trade their shares should they wish to divest their stock and utilise portfolio management tools available through the platform.

USE Edaala is a product of the USE Specialist Market LLP, a fully owned subsidiary of Uganda Securities Exchange. The platform activities are governed by a set of operational guidelines which provide a guiding framework for participants and other stakeholders that desire to utilise the platform and its related services.

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