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Meet the USE CEO at the MUBS MUFISA 2018 Career Conference
The USE CEO, Mr. Paul Bwiso will be speaking about the USE University Challenge 2018 at the MUFISA 2018 Career Conference on the 27th September, 2018 10:45AM at the ADB Building, MUBS Main Campus . Please come and hear words of wisdom from the most brilliant minds in the Capital markets. Learn more about the University Challenge and how you can join the competition at no cost only to win 10million shillings worth of shares. For more information, please contact Nabugembe P. Hannah MUFISA General Secretary at 
USE Sensitizes at the Taxpayers Appreciation Week
The USE Team together with the Stock Brokers will be present at the URA Tax Payers Association Week You will  be able to learn about shares and how you can benefit from investing in the capital markets. The Stock Brokers will be able to offer investment advise and open up SCD accounts. Come with your Drivers Permit or National ID or Passport. SEE YOU THERE.